Easy to Install Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Hanging a traditional door can be complicated, especially if you are hanging a large and overweight door. It can be imperative that you hang the door level and straight to guarantee the door opens and closes smoothly. If you are untrained, this can be quite a challenge. One of the best benefits of using sliding barn doors is the ease of installation. Sliding barn doors use very simple mechanics which involve a sliding track. The track is typically hung above the entrance, with the door then positioned along the track. In most cases, sliding barn doors can be installed in a matter of minutes using basic tools most people have around the house. Of course, if you need a hand, the team at Contour Doors LLC is happy to help with your sliding barn door installation.

When choosing barn style doors, there are several factors to consider, with the most important being the style. The team at Contour Doors LLC can create several different patterned barn style doors to suit each person’s individual tastes. Some of our more popular patterns include a chevron pattern, herringbone pattern, and a chessboard pattern.

These barn-style doors are not only functional but give your rooms a piece of artistic visual interest. Choose to let the natural wood show through or opt for a beautiful stain on your door. We also can make doors out of material that can be easily painted, giving the door a color that matches perfectly with your existing interior. Further, we can make sliding barn doors out of reclaimed material, giving your door a recycled and trendy look.

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