Save Space with Interior Barn Doors

Traditionally we think of doors separating one space from another as a swing door. While these doors are certainly practical, they do tend to take up a tremendous amount of floor space. Careful design considerations must be made for doors that swing inward or outward toward the space. If you are working with cramped conditions, a swing door might not be an option. Interior barn doors are the perfect solution. Not only are interior barn doors beautiful to look at, but they take up virtually no room at all. Interior barn doors have the ability to slide along a track, only occupying the amount of floor space required for the thickness of the door.

Interior sliding barn doors are the perfect solution to homes and rooms that are tight on space. Plus, interior sliding barn doors can be completely customized to your particular style and taste. At Contour Doors LLC we have several barn doors to choose from, or work with our owner to create your very own custom creation. By selecting interior sliding barn doors for your next home project, you will not only be able to come up with a clever solution to a tight space, but effectively create a work of art to display on the wall. Custom barn doors can be made in intricate patterns of solid wood that can be left natural or painted to match your existing interior decorations.

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